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An example of the bar modelling method.
An example of the bar modelling method.

Welcome to our Numeracy and Using Maths area. 

At Eglinton Primary School it is our aim to ensure that maths is taught both as a discreet subject, while also addressed in a cross curricular fashion through play, other subject areas and topics.

We have recently acquired some wonderful new maths resources which help us to deliver the curriculum and assess children's progress in a meaningful way. Each class is well resourced and children are provided with learning experiences that encourage them to ask questions and solve problems.

Every child in school has their very own online maths profile using 'MyMaths' where they can access maths games and complete assessments tasks in class and at home.

We have strong links with our partner post-primary school, Lisneal College, with whom we work closely to ensure that the transition from Year 7 to Year 8 is smooth and progressive in terms of children's mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding. 

Here at Eglinton Primary School, we have a strong focus on developing children's problem solving and reasoning skills. It is important that children can make connections between the maths they learn in class and identify and apply this in the world around them.

Staff are currently undergoing professional development in the use of 'Bar Modelling' as a tool to deepen children's conceptual understanding. Bar models are pictorial representations of problems or concepts that can be used for any of the operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In word problems, bar models hold the huge benefit of helping children decide which operations to use or visualise problems. The bar modelling approach to Maths is much used in Singapore and Asian Maths textbooks and lessons and is a key maths mastery technique.





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